When to market

Jan 30, 2021 | House Prices, Selling

So you’ve decided it is time to sell your property for whatever reason. Maybe you need somewhere bigger, or smaller, relationship breakdown, selling an investment property.

If moving, we understand the temptation to look on the internet for your next potential home before you do anything else, but try to keep this to a fact-finding exercise only, e.g. to get an idea of what you can afford and to see if it all going to be worthwhile. Try to avoid getting sucked in too much as you are not proceedable until you are sold (and know you can get the mortgage, if applicable), and so are likely to lose out to those that are. 

First steps then are getting estate agents out for valuations and to assess who you want to market with. If you are getting a new mortgage speak with your mortgage adviser to check this is OK. Even if your new mortgage is the same or less than your current one, you are not automatically accepted for this, you still need to re-apply for it (even if keeping the same deal).

Do you need to do anything to the property before photos and viewings? Your estate agent can advise you on this but be wary some may have their own interests at heart, e.g. encourage you to market as is just so they get the instruction sooner. See our other posts for tips on de-cluttering or improvement your property for sale.

Should you wait for a certain time of year? Most properties come on the market in Spring so that is best time, right? Yes and no. If you are looking to buy somewhere then there should be more choice however your property will have more competition than at other times of year. When we have sold properties just before Christmas they usually sell quickly as there is not much else on the market, yet demand remains very strong. Other seasonal factors include wanting photos and viewings when everything is warm and pretty (e.g. spring) and the house is not full of Christmas decorations.

A typical sale takes around 4 months (can be more or less) to complete so bear this in mind if trying to achieve a deadline, e.g. new job or schools, deadline for a stamp duty incentive, etc.

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